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Practice Empathy #humanempathy

I/We need to practice empathy better as humans. Why is it so hard for us to relate to another person's point of view? We don't need to agree. We don't even need to like each other. Every human is selfish but the person who is actually evil is very rare. We are not each others enemy. All bad ideas and actions usually come from a desire to make something better. Why do we assume the worst about other humans who differ from ourself. I am trying to keep empathy in the front of my mind in everything. I believe if we practiced this with each other the world would be even better than it is. I will try to remember if someone cuts me off in traffic or a store worker is rude it is most likely about me. The person in traffic is probably in a hurry or maybe even has an emergency. Even if they have no good reason for “being rude” in traffic it is not about me. If a store worker is rude or bad at their job it is not about me. They may struggle with depression, have family troubles, hate their job etc.. We can all relate to being in a hurry or having a bad day.

Life is short. Spending energy on being angry because I think other peoples issues and frustrations are about me gives everyone else control of my life. I take control of my life by remembering it is not all about me. #humanempathy

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